Social learning

Learn from and with each other with Pluvo

Pluvo offers a tremendous amount of opportunities for social learning, such as a chat, discussions, assignments, and more!

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More than 50,000 users are learning much more efficiently with Pluvo.

Learn together with Pluvo

Pluvo offers many opportunities for social learning, making learning even more effective.

Let’s chat

Pluvo includes an integrated chat, allowing you to easily collaborate and share files with each other. You can communicate one-on-one with your trainer or create chat groups based on workgroups, interests, or the training that someone is following!

Collaborative assignments

Collaboration encourages interaction and engagement! Therefore, have your learners or employees work together on a group assignment or discussion. You can even assess and make it part of your learning path.

Discussion forums & communities

Easily create a discussion forum within a learning path where people can discuss with each other. You can also create communities based on preferences, interests, or other similarities.

Develop with your trainer

Pluvo offers a personal development plan for every participant. This way, you not only work on your own development, but you can easily share it with a coach, manager, or trainer, who can provide feedback. This helps you make the most of your personal development!

The academy for your organization

Create learning experiences that adapt to the learning needs.
Increase the learning outcome through the wide variety of assignments.
Tremendous amount of possibilities for interaction and social learning
Build beautiful learning materials and quizzes
Clear overview of progress & scores

"I experience Pluvo as an energetic and dynamic organization with smooth communication. Together we have developed an e-learning that perfectly matches our objectives!"

Nick Verwaaij

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