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“We experience Pluvo as a user-friendly platform. We have chosen Pluvo because the guidance is personal and quick, and because you can work with Pluvo without needing a lot of ICT knowledge."

Marnique van der Duin

Topicus - Somtoday

For the product 'Somtoday', Topicus was looking for an online learning platform that would allow teachers to take online training. After a thorough search, Pluvo was chosen."

Topicus is a major player in the IT market and develops software for education, healthcare, and government, among other sectors. One of its products is Somtoday, a student tracking system and electronic learning environment for secondary education.

Teachers throughout the country use this software to, for example, set homework, register absences, and organize elective study time. It is therefore important to have a good understanding of Somtoday, as it has a significant impact on a teacher's daily work.

To become familiar with Somtoday as quickly as possible, teachers receive training. This used to be done only offline, but this was not ideal. The training always had to be followed at a fixed time and location, which was not convenient for all teachers.

That is why Somtoday decided to search for an online learning platform, so that they can provide teachers with the right information regardless of the time and location. After some research and testing of various learning platforms, Somtoday decided that Pluvo was the most suitable platform.

Marnique van Duin, consultant for Somtoday, explains why they chose Pluvo:

“We experience Pluvo as a user-friendly platform. We chose Pluvo because the guidance is personal and quick, and because you can work with Pluvo without needing a lot of ICT knowledge."

With the training in Pluvo, teachers can now learn everything about Somtoday wherever and whenever they want. Additionally, they can easily review the information.

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