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Customer stories

"Pluvo offers the customer a beautiful platform to get started on their own. There is a lot of information to be found in the online helpdesk and we receive quick responses on chat and email!”

Karen Haring


LeanForms makes software that allows you to build smart digital forms yourself. This optimizes business processes and automates periodic reporting. LeanForms uses Pluvo to guide customers in building smart forms. The aim is for the customer to be able to configure the forms and reports themselves according to the organization's needs after the training.

Why e-learning?

Karen Haring was responsible for setting up the first e-learning program for customers within LeanForms. She explains: "In Pluvo, the trainee receives an explanation of the software and this knowledge is tested through quiz questions. After that, the trainee gets started with LeanForms themselves. All of this is nicely divided into small modules, with the progress of the whole being monitored in Pluvo. This makes it easy to put together a suitable training program for each customer, with basic modules and specific 'Specials' based on the customer's needs”.

Why did you choose for Pluvo as an e-learning platform?

“LeanForms is a Dutch ICT company where we think along with the customer and look for pragmatic solutions," says Karen. "We were looking for a similar organization for our e-learning for a long-term collaboration. The connection with Pluvo was immediate during the first introduction, and during the implementation process, they did not disappoint us”.

“They are flexible and use the customer's requirements to create a new version of the software. They even have a great platform where customers can vote on the suggestions made by other customers”.

LeanForms enlisted the services of Pluvo to set up a complete online academy in collaboration. The e-learnings were customized with the company's branding by a designer, and the technical development was taken care of by one of the e-learning experts.

How did you experience the Pluvo services?

“We are on the verge of rolling out our new e-learning platform," says Karen. "The collaboration during its development was relaxed and collaborative. The focus was on achieving a beautiful end result without weighing the necessary hours. The design in our own house style was also successful. We look forward to further collaboration in the future”.

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