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"We choose Pluvo because we can draw up a personal learning path for each new colleague and thus anticipate different needs. We are also a fan of the personal approach!"

Janne Krekt

Eminent B.V.

Who is Eminent?

Eminent is a staffing agency that believes in fulfilling ambitions. Every professional and organization has ambitions and goals to strive for. These professional goals are their starting point. Achieving the perfect match between technical talent and technical companies is not the only thing they do. They go further than that and are only satisfied when they can motivate professionals and provide practical tools to help them achieve their ambitions.

Janne Krekt, back-office employee says:

"For example, we offer coaching and support for personal development and provide various training opportunities. Our personal and enterprising approach makes us unique. Our advisors are all entrepreneurs in their own region and field of expertise. They know better than anyone else what is happening in their sector and what opportunities exist for professionals and clients".

"They also get all the space to effectively utilize and develop their own talents. As a result, our advisors work on the job to fulfill their own ambitions as well as the ambitions of professionals and clients."

Why e-learning?

"We will initially use Pluvo for onboarding new colleagues. All information that new colleagues receive will be put in Pluvo. In addition, the acquired knowledge will be tested through assignments. This way, we can check whether our new colleagues understand the information."

The information from Pluvo is supplemented by workshops given by the HR Manager, Commercial Manager, and Senior Advisors. They have specialist knowledge and are happy to share it with our new colleagues. These workshops are scheduled in Pluvo.

"In this way, the entire onboarding process for new colleagues is ready when they start, and they have a well-filled program for the first few weeks. In the future, we may also develop training modules for colleagues who have been working with us for a longer period," said Janne.

Why Pluvo?

Janne further explains, "We chose Pluvo because it is a complete program that offers many different options and has a professional look and feel. In addition, the program is easy to use. You don't have to be an IT expert to work with Pluvo.

Another reason why we chose Pluvo is that we can create a personalized learning path for each new colleague and thus anticipate different needs.

"It is also possible to personalize the learning environment, which is important for Eminent so that our new colleagues immediately get a sense of our organization."

To conclude, we are very pleased with Pluvo's personal approach and they give us the feeling that we can always turn to them with questions. 

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