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"Pluvo is ready to provide us with tailored advice, and takes swift action when necessary or desired. We have good contact with the helpdesk, and the communication is smooth!"

Farley van Heydoorn

Buro VAT

What does Buro VAT do?

Buro VAT provides assistance in promoting financial self-sufficiency", founder Farley van Heydoorn explains. "We offer tailor-made training on the consequences of debt and debt counseling for different target groups. Our specialization is stress-sensitive communication, raising awareness of the mental effects of financial stress, and reaching and motivating citizens with debts”.

Why Pluvo?

“We chose Pluvo because we consider it important to have a direct point of contact and to be able to discuss with them how to use the platform to optimize our e-learning", says Farley. "We are trainers, debt counselors, and social workers, not IT specialists”.  

“What we really like about working with Pluvo is that we have good contact with the helpdesk and that communication is smooth”. 

“Sometimes we need to discuss our needs and their feasibility on the platform", says Farley. "And then we know exactly who to contact, and we are quickly helped on our way”.  

How do you use Pluvo?

“We use Pluvo to offer e-learning to our clients, and we have developed various options for this purpose. We create a customized environment for each client and provide support in following the e-learning," explains Farley".

“Pluvo takes care of the digital environment and all the necessary components within it. They are available to provide us with tailored advice, and quick action is taken when necessary or desired."

"This allows us to focus on what we love doing the most: providing training on the consequences of debt and debt counseling, and contributing to raising awareness around these themes”.

What advice do you have for organizations that also want to develop e-learning?

“There are many providers that offer a ready-made solution, but in case of issues, they refer you to a customer service with long waiting times or to an FAQ where you have to figure things out on your own," says Farley. "For us, it works excellently to have direct contact with people who are really familiar with the online environment. We can align our processes well with that and any opportunities or challenges are quickly resolved. That is a pleasant way of working!”.

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