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A personalized learning experience for everyone

Provide each user with a customized learning experience. Offering content based on behavior, starting point, knowledge level, or interests? Your Pluvo academy makes it possible!

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More than 50,000 users are learning much more efficiently with Pluvo.

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Pluvo offers many options for customized learning experiences. This makes learning even more effective.


Not everyone learns the same way. Based on someone's behavior and choices, you can offer the right content automatically. Setting a mandatory path that someone must follow? That's possible too!

Dripped content

Not everyone starts at the same time, but you still want to offer layered material. Within Pluvo, you can ensure that content is opened based on when someone starts, such as an e-learning every week. You can also make this dependent on dates.

Knowledge level

The knowledge level of students often differs at the beginning of your online training. Therefore, adjust the course material accordingly, so that everyone gets the most out of your training! For example, you can start with an initial test to determine the level and adjust the material accordingly.

Choose what to learn

Give your students/employees the choice of what they want to learn. This can be within your filled academy, but also during an e-learning course. Autonomy increases motivation and learning efficiency!

The academy for your organization

Tremendous amount of possibilities for interaction and social learning
Increase the learning outcome through the wide variety of assignments.
Clear overview of progress & scores
Build beautiful learning materials and quizzes
Create learning experiences that adapt to the learning needs.

"I experience Pluvo as an energetic and dynamic organization with short lines. In collaboration we have developed an e-learning that perfectly matches our objectives!"

Martin Bronkhorst

Sluit melding