Everything at one place

Your own academy in your corporate identity

With Pluvo, you can create your own online academy within minutes. Fill this with unforgettable learning experiences and start to let your employees experience the magic of Pluvo!

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More than 50,000 users are learning much more efficiently with Pluvo.

Effectively organize all the learning in your organization

Everything at one place

Find easy and inspiring e-learnings, learning paths, events, webinars and microlearnings in your personal academy. These can be e-learnings made by your organization or external content. As an administrator, you decide who sees what.

In your corporate identity

You can easily customize your Pluvo academy with your own branding, so everyone feels at home. Think of your fonts, branding colors, logos, and photos. You can easily add headers and even create certificates completely in your own branding.

Everything for your personal development

With Pluvo, you get the most out of your personal development. In the portfolio, participants can show what they have achieved. Want to effectively help your participants work on their future personal development? Let them create a personal development plan within Pluvo!

Store your reference materials

Pluvo offers you a knowledge base for extra reference material, so your students only need one place to find everything: your academy. Fill your knowledge base with extra learning materials such as downloads, videos, and articles. Then, you can precisely set who sees what.

The academy for your organization

Share knowledge within minutes in your academy
Create beautiful learning materials and quizzes
Integrate external e-learnings and materials
Clear overview of progress & scores
Tremendous amount of possibilities for interaction and social learning

"I experience Pluvo as an energetic and dynamic organization with short lines. In collaboration we have developed an e-learning that perfectly matches our objectives!"

Martin Bronkhorst

Sluit melding