Learning Management system (LMS)

What is Pluvo's Learning Management System?

With Pluvo’s Learning Management System (LMS), you can manage and analyse the learning journeys, students and courses in your e-learning.

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Over 25,000 users are getting everything out of their courses with Pluvo’s LMS

No more stress with an LMS

Pluvo allows you to do much more than just manage & analyze.
Our LMS is geared towards making your job easier.

Learning Journeys

Personalized learning journeys

In a few clicks you can make a personalized learning journey containing course material, webinars and certificates. Learning journeys are adaptive and automatically change based on behaviour, user starting date or date.


All documents in one spot

The library is a central storage for general information and documents. For example: manuals, templates, and books. This way your students can easily find all important information.


Reward your participants

Award your students with a personal certificate at the end of a learning journey. This way, you reward them for their hard work and they will feel extra motivated & appreciated. And what’s better than motivated students?!

Allow more people into your LMS

Are people from outside of your organization allowed to make changes in your LMS? Assign them a specific role!

General manager


Let people outside of your organization make course material


Group manager

For insight in the progress and results of participants

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Link Pluvo to all your systems

Website & web store

Link your website or web store to Pluvo. After purchase your customer gains instant access to your e-learning!


Connect your CRM to Pluvo, so your client base & Pluvo are always synched.

External courses

Integrate external courses in Pluvo through LTI. You can also use it to offer your e-learning in another LMS!


Integrate your favorite webinar tool in  a few clicks, whether it’s Zoom, WebinarGeek, Hangouts or Big Blue Button!

E-mail marketing

In addition to e-mails from Pluvo, you can link Pluvo to your favourite e-mail marketing tool for personal communication!

Custom integrations

Want to integrate Pluvo with your intranet or another app? We offer custom integrations!

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