Learning management

Manage and analyze all your learning journeys, learners, and teaching materials

Pluvo provides easy insight into your teaching materials and learners. With these insights, you can constantly improve your learning experiences and proactively support learners!

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Over 50,000 users already learn more efficiently with Pluvo.

What is Pluvo's LMS system?

Pluvo's Learning Management System (LMS) is software that helps you manage and analyze learning paths, learners, and training for your e-learning.

Full insight with reports

With Pluvo's Learning Management System (LMS), you can easily keep track of all your trainings and trainers. You can easily check the progress, but also make specific reports to get insight into relevant matters. This way, you know exactly what your trainers and trainees are doing and how well your trainings are being made.

User admin

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 students: Pluvo provides you with insights and makes filtering and selecting very easy. Whether it's based on 'company' or 'coffee preference', you determine the filters. This way, you can also easily create groups based on function, department, or start date, so that everyone has access to the right content.

Insights for managers and team leaders

Managers often want to have insight into the progress and results of their employees, but may not necessarily be involved in the content of trainings. Give these people the role of group manager, so they can precisely know what their employees are doing without being burdened with irrelevant matters.

Who can see what?

Should everyone be able to see your teaching materials, or is it only visible to certain people or groups? Within Pluvo, you can precisely determine who sees what. The different roles make this even easier. This way, you only see what is relevant to you!

The academy for your organization

Clear overview of progress & scores
Increase the learning outcome through the wide variety of assignments.
Tremendous amount of possibilities for interaction and social learning
Build beautiful learning materials and quizzes
Create learning experiences that adapt to the learning needs.

"Pluvo is very intuitive and easy to use. The platform offers countless possibilities to create a course, but also to evaluate the student!"

Diederik de Bruyn

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