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You can easily integrate Pluvo with other applications. By using Zapier, you can connect Pluvo with more than 3,000 applications, but you can also use our API for a customized integration.

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More than 50,000 learners use Pluvo

Connect with more than 3.000 apps

Pluvo can easily be integrated with other applications. By using Zapier, you can connect Pluvo to over 3,000 applications without having to program anything. This includes webshops like Shopify, email tools like Active Campaign, and CRMs like Pipedrive.

Custom integrations

Do you want to integrate Pluvo with AFAS, Microsoft Dynamics, or another platform? Or create a custom integration? Then use our API. You will need a Company subscription for this.

No more remembering passwords

Tired of remembering all those passwords? With Pluvo, you can also log in using Single Sign-On. This means you log in with your work email address and password. You will need a Company or Corporate subscription for this.

Connecting with other apps

You can connect other applications to Pluvo, allowing you to log in to another application such as a forum directly from your Pluvo environment. This can also work the other way around: think of a connection from your intranet to Pluvo, so you don't have to log in separately.

The academy for your organization

Connect with your webshop, CRM or HR application
Share knowledge in your academy in your own corporate identity
Integrate external e-learning & learning resources
Build beautiful learning materials and quizzes
Clear overview of progress & scores

"In particular, it is the customer focus - thinking along, providing an overview, making things simple - that makes choosing Pluvo easy"

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