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With Pluvo, you can easily create learning paths, teaching materials, and assessments.

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More than 50,000 users learn much more efficiently with Pluvo.

Create course material within minutes

Pluvo provides a wide range of opportunities for creating educational content and evaluating student performance.

Stunning course material

No matter how you want to convey your knowledge, within a few minutes, you can share your expertise with beautiful course materials. You can use almost all types of content for this, such as videos, texts, images, Prezis, or downloads. This way, you can easily build your own e-learning!

Assessments & quizzes

Do you want to test knowledge or make your e-learning more interactive? Pluvo offers you various assessment and testing possibilities, such as different question types, retakes, time limits, and learning paths. The wide range of options ensures that you precisely test what you want to test!

Assignments & discussions

Pluvo offers numerous possibilities to make learning truly personalized. For example, allow your users to submit a document, presentation, or video and evaluate it. Organize a group discussion. Or evaluate someone's sales pitch. It's all possible in Pluvo.

Learning paths

The knowledge level of learners often differs at the beginning of your online training. Therefore, adjust course materials accordingly so that everyone gets the most out of your training! For example, you can start with an initial test to determine the level and adjust the material accordingly.

The academy for your organization

Within a few minutes, you can share your knowledge in your academy.
Increase the learning outcome through the wide variety of assignments.
Tremendous amount of possibilities for interaction and social learning
Build beautiful learning materials and quizze
Create learning experiences that adapt to the learning needs.

“We experience Pluvo as a user-friendly platform. We have chosen Pluvo because the guidance is personal and quick, and because you can work with Pluvo without needing a lot of ICT knowledge."

Marnique van der Duin

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