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Certified learning platform for all SCC, Code 95, HACCP or other courses

Whether it’s Code 95, SCC or other safety courses: Pluvo is the CBR certified learning platform that you need.

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Over 25.000 students are learning more efficiently with Pluvo

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Safety training and refresher courses are very important, regardless of your audience. E-learning is increasingly utilised for these, for both internal safety training and Code 95, HACCP and SCC through external educators. Pluvo offers you all of the tools for this.

Easily-made course material

Make beautiful course modules and learning journeys full of questions, content, learning paths, and interactivity, in just a few clicks. Of course, you can add your own design and decide exactly who has access to what.

Your style exams

Whether you want to use (practice) exams, time limits or resits: Pluvo has everything you need to automate examinations! In addition, you can make tailored certificates in only a few clicks.

Certified system

Pluvo is certified by the CBR and is therefore one of the few e-learning platforms where Code 95 refresher courses can be offered through e-learning. This is due to the CCV certification.

In good company

Over 250 organizations use Pluvo to educate, test and certify students.

Everything your courses need

Pluvo is filled with options which make your courses even more interesting and effective.


After finishing a course or passing a test, reward your students with a personal certificate. This way, they’ll feel extra motivated & appreciated, which has a positive effect on your course!


In a few clicks you can make an extensive report with data relevant to you, for a quick overview. Next, easily export this data to share it with whomever you want. 


Keep in touch with your students through our chat. They can ask you questions, as well as chat and share files amongst one another. Of course, you decide who can chat with whom.

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