For Trainers & Coaches

Complete platform to train, coach & supervise users.

Pluvo has everything you need for our courses. In just a few clicks you can put together a beautiful e-learning and easily connect it to your web store, marketing tools or forms!

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Over 25.000 users are learning more efficiently with Pluvo

Perfect for trainers & coaches

No matter your course or audience: Pluvo offers all the necessary tools for sharing your content in only a few clicks. You stay in touch with your students through automated notifications and the chat. Selling your courses? Simply connect Pluvo to your web store!

Easily-made course material

Make dazzling course modules and learning journeys full of questions, content, learning paths, and interactivity, in just a few clicks. Of course, you can add your own design and decide exactly who has access to what.

Stay in touch through the chat

Stay in touch with your students through our chat. It allows them to ask you questions, as well as chat and share files amongst themselves. You decide who can communicate with whom.

Connect to your web store and marketing tools

Never again add or remove users manually: with our Zapier integration you can connect your web store to Pluvo, so users gain access immediately after purchase. In addition, you can connect with lots of marketing tools such as Mailchimp, Hubspot and Zoho. The possibilities are endless!

In good company

Over 250 companies use Pluvo to train and coach students. Join the Pluvo family now!

Add a special touch to your courses

In addition to courses, Pluvo offers opportunities for self-development and cooperation. This will make your training even more effective.


The library is a central storage for general information and documents. For example: manuals, templates, and books. This way your students can easily find all important information.

Personal development plan

Each student has their own development plan. This allows people to work on specific personal goals, which leads to goals being met faster and allows insight in the progress for you as a trainer or coach.


After finishing a course or passing a test, reward your students with a personal certificate. This way, they’ll feel extra motivated & appreciated, which has a positive effect on your course!

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