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Pluvo offers everything you need for blended and online courses. From making the course material and testing, to adaptive learning paths: you’re in the right place at Pluvo. 

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Over 25.000 students are learning more efficiently with Pluvo

You learn more with Pluvo

Pluvo offers you all the tools for making course material and tests. You easily stay in contact with your students through automated notifications & the chat. At the end of the course you can reward your students with a personalised certificate!

Easy-to-create course material

In a few clicks you can create beautiful course modules and learning journeys, filled with questions, content, learning paths, and interaction. You can, of course, add your own design and carefully decide who has access to what.

Stay in touch through the chat

Stay in touch with your students through our chat. Students can easily ask you questions here, but they can also chat amongst themselves about a group assignment, for example. You decide who can chat with whom.

Follow your own learning path

Online and blended education is more personal than ever with our extensive, personal learning paths. Both the course material and the learning journeys are adaptive and change automatically based on behavior, user starting date or date: you decide the conditions!

In good company

More than 250+ organizations use Pluvo to educate and test students.

Make a difference

Pluvo is full of extra options which will make your (online) curses even more effective and interesting.


The library is a central storage for general information and documents. For example: manuals, templates, and books. This way your students can easily find all important information.


Let your students hand in material, videos or assignments for you to give feedback on. You can also automatically send these files to another system by using one of our connections.


After finishing a course or passing a test, reward your students with a personal certificate. This way, they’ll feel extra motivated & appreciated, which has a positive effect on your course!

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