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Create course material and exams with our amazing authoring tool

Our intuitive authoring tool allows you to easily create your own course material, along with challenging tests.

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Over 25,000 users are getting everything out of their courses with Pluvo

Your way of examination

In addition to course material, the course module allows you to create challenging exams. The variety in examination options ensures you can test exactly what you want to test.


Test knowledge automatically

Allow your students to retain information better by testing their knowledge. With Pluvo you can easily create challenging exams and quizzes. On top of that, the variety in question types makes the tests a lot more fun.

Learing paths

Tuned to your students

Personal learning paths ensure that everyone gets the maximum out of your learning journey. Offer extra material if someone is struggling with the training, or more in-depth content for an extra challenge.

time limit

Real exam conditions

Recreate actual exam conditions by adding a time limit. Students have to finish a chapter with questions within a certain time frame. This can be an hour, 7 days, or a year. It’s up to you.

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